Education Activities 

As a primary objective, Concern’s education activities improve access for refugee to the Turkish formal education system. In 2019, Concern reached 5,030 children with Education activities. Through the Education Access Fund, Concern provides children with the one-time support necessary for them to regularly attend school and receive formal regular education. This support includes medical equipment and services such as glasses, hearing devices and speech therapy, as well as school supplies such as school uniforms and stationery. Concern’s Fighting Child Labor through Education program aims to reduce dependence on child labor and improve enrolment in formal education through the use of conditional cash transfers. In order to receive the cash incentive each month, families must register their child in school and the child must maintain a 90% attendance rate. Concern’s Psychosocial Support (PSS) program is designed for out-of-school children and gives children the confidence and interpersonal skills they need to attend formal Turkish schools. Once children complete the PSS program, they are supported and referred for enrolment in the Turkish formal education system.

Concern’s also works with families of the children who participates in our education programme. Through Caregiver Engagement, parents learn from one another as they discuss (in small groups) the challenges and achievements of raising their children and develop skills to support their child’s learning in schools. Concern has also supported social cohesion events, where Syrian and Turkish children engage in fun cultural, recreational and creative activities together and are able to build relationships with one another

Under the Building Tomorrow (BT) Programme, Concern is providing an integrated education and livelihoods programme with funding from the European Union Trust Fund (EUTF). The goal of the programme is to provide improved access to formal educational opportunities for school-aged Syrians under Temporary Protection through outreach, learning support programmes and the provision of learning and psychosocial support materials. The programme also helps Syrian and Turkish youth to attend vocational high schools and helps adults to access language courses, vocational training, and on-the-job training and to transition into formal employment. The programme is implemented with approval from the Ministry of National Education in four provinces in South-east Turkey, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Kilis and Hatay. Concern closely collaborates with provincial education departments. 

In the past, Concern also has collaborated with the Şanlıurfa Provincial Directorate of National Education to provide school transportation to help refugee children to get to school and supported the payment of incentives to Syrian teachers in Temporary Education Centres (TECs)

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