Our Core Values

We focus on extreme poverty

We are driven by a clear focus on eliminating poverty in the most vulnerable places and responding to humanitarian crises.

We believe in equality

People are equal in rights and must be treated with respect and dignity.

We listen

Listening and partnership are key to empowering the poorest and most vulnerable people to transform their own lives.

We respond rapidly

 People affected by disasters are entitled to have their most basic needs met through rapid, effective, and principled responses.

We are courageous

 Taking necessary risks, balanced with sound judgement, allows us to work in the most challenging contexts.

We are committed

Going the extra mile to support communities in times of need and in the face of very difficult operating environments.

We are innovative

Finding effective solutions requires innovative thinking combined with a pragmatic approach.

We are accountable

Accountability and transparency are central to all of our actions and use of resources.

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