The Protection programme provides services to the most vulnerable families to ensure that Syrians are aware of their rights and obligations in Turkey and have the information they need to access government and non-government services. This information is provided through one-to-one and group meetings in Concern’s Community Protection Centres. Concern also provides Integrated Protection Assistance (IPA) and case management services to help refugees to access services and to provide assistance to prevent any protection risks. This assistance includes supermarket gift cards (to meet basic needs), rent support, household items and transportation for medical appointments.

Concern protection activities are implemented with the close support of the Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Services (PDoFLSS) and the Provincial Directorate for Migration Management (PDMM). Protection activities are also coordinated with UN agencies and other NGOs. In 2019, Concern reached 14,108 people with protection activities. 

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